Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering

Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering Engineering is one of the most challenging fields of engineering with a wide scope for growth. This field deals with the development of new technology in the field of aviation, space exploration and defense systems. It specialize in the designing, construction, development, testing, operation and maintenance of both commercial and military aircraft, space crafts and their components as well as satellites and missiles.

ELIGIBILITY 10 + 2 Science; with fairly a high percentage of marks in Science subjects(Physics, Chemistry and Maths).
ADMISSION INTO IIT’s : Must pass the qualifying exam i.e IIT(JEE).For M.Tech in aeronautical engg. one should have completed degree in (BE/BTech) aeronautical engineering or any other equivalent branches of engineering.
COURSE DURATION 4 years and for Diploma Courses 2-3 years.
APPROXIMATION FEE COURSE B.E-Rs. 75,000 /per year (4 year) , M.E-Rs. 75,000 /per year (2 year)
Average Salary As a Trainee,you will get 25,000/p.m.If you Working with Airlines,your career star with good remuneration of 40,000/p.m.After a couple of year you can earn handsome amount 80,000 to 1.2 lakh /p.m.


Top Aeronautical Engg. Colleges In India:

Rank College Name City Entrance Exam
1. Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai U.G:IIT (JEE) P.G:GATE
2. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur U.G:IIT (JEE) P.G:GATE
3. Indian Institute of Technology Chennai U.G:IIT (JEE) P.G:GATE
4. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur U.G:IIT (JEE) P.G:GATE
5. MIT Campus, Anna University Chennai U.G. & P.G.: Merit based
6. Punjab Engineering College (Deemed University) Chandigarh U.G.: AIEEE
7. Hindustan Institute of Engineering Technology Chennai U.G.:Test conducted by the uni. OR AIEEE P.G.:Test conducted by uni.
8. Nehru College of Aeronautics & Applied Science Tamil nadu Only College Eligibility Exam
9. School of Aviation Science and Technology New Delhi U.G.: Merit based
10. Indian Inst. for Aeronautical Engg. & Information Tech. Pune U.G.: Merit based
11. Indian Institute of Aeronautical Engineering Uttaranchal U.G.: Merit based
12. Institute of Aviation Technology Haryana
13. VSM Inst. Aerospace Engg. Bangalore U.G.:first come first serve
14. Hindustan Electronics Academy Bangalore
15. Indian Academy of Aeronautical Technology Lucknow U.G.: Merit based
16. Institute of Aeronautical and Marine Engineering Bangalore U.G.: First Come First Serve
17. IIAE (Center for Internationally Recognized Aeronautical/Aerospace/Aircraft Engineering) Dehradun U.G.: Merit based
18. MVJ College of Engineering Bangalore U.G.: (KCET) OR AIEEE P.G.: (KPGCET) OR GATE
19. Manipal Inst. of Technology, Manipal Uni. Manipal U.G.: Manipal Uni. Online Entrance Test
20. Institute Of Aeronautical Engineering Hyderabad U.G.: EAMCET