Study in Australia

Capital Canberra
Largest city Sydney
National language English
Area 7,617,930
2,941,299 sq  mi
Currency Australian dollar AUD
Calling code +61

List of Universities in Australia

State and territory accredited higher education institutions

Each institution has its own requirements for admission, so it is very important to carefully read information available on the schools and colleges web site or The directions on the application form before you begin. Most colleges and schools will Require some following documents: an application forms that Includes important information about you, certified copies of all academic records (diplomas, transcripts, etc.), standardized test reports (for example, IELTS), a statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, and evidence of financial resources to pay for the education or a financial aid application and also an Affidavit of Support from the Sponsors. In addition, most schools charge an application fee.

Get VISA to Study in AUSTRALIA ?

Student Visa (to check the specific category that would suite you, please log on to )

For more details you can visit the following web site ?

Official Immigration website of Australian Government:

The cost of studying in Australia ?

In Australia, the cost of studying includes the Tuition fee and the living expenses. The cost varies from University to University. But in general terms, for a year of university in the Australians universities, you should have a total budget (school, lodging, food, living) somewhere between AUD $20,000 and AUD$30,000.

How long may I stay on my student visa?

Normally in Australia, the duration of your visa will be based on the duration of your course. For example, if you enroll for a 2 year course the student visa may be granted for a period of more than 24 months but less than 30 months. You may also extend your visa, if you decide to extend your course. Again this would depend on the duration of the extension that you have opted for.

Will I be able to work while I am studying in Australia ?

While being on a student visa, the immigration department (DIMIA) legally permits the overseas students to work for a period of 20 hours per week.

How easy is it for me to get a part time job in Australia?

There are many consultancies in Australia that will help you in finding jobs in the industry that you are after.
The most popular job search website in Australia is:

How to associate myself with local Indian student community in Australia??

Most Universities have an Indian Student Association where in one can contact the students to get help in terms of airport pickup, initial accommodation at the University. Also many universities have region specific associations such as Tamil association, Punjabi association etc.